Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk Review: Bamboo Bling

Minimalistic and beautiful

Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk
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The Q8 Comhar Pro is a dual-motor electric standing desk with a wide height range, stylish looks, a functional drawer, and charging options including USB and wireless charging. The controls are simple, with the ability to save four preset height settings. The desk has a great finish with a tough bamboo desktop, and is incredibly sturdy, even at maximum height.


  • +

    High-quality finish on all parts

  • +

    Incredibly smooth lift and descending motion

  • +

    Wireless charging feature is so handy

  • +

    Thin yet functional storage drawer


  • -

    Collision detection isn’t great, impacting objects before retreating slightly

  • -

    Dual motors are a little noisy

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With more people than ever working from home, and the benefits of standing desks  becoming ever more popular, choosing a desk is an important decision when it comes to aesthetics and functionality. If you’re willing to splash out on one of the best gaming chairs for better back support and ergonomics, then you should seriously consider getting a motorized standing desk to help improve your posture and circulation. 

With the price of some of the best gaming monitors and peripherals, the perfect desk needs to be sturdy and not risk damaging any of your beloved tech or important work devices. Any jerky movements from cheap electric motors or imperfect construction could cause a drink to spill or cause mounting clamps to work loose over time (plus, nobody likes a wobbly desk).

The Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk from FlexiSpot can help you go from seated to standing and back in just a few seconds, thanks to powerful dual electric motors that extend its three-stage steel legs. With fingertip controls, a strong and stable construction, built-in wireless charging, collision detection, a storage drawer, and an attractive-yet-robust bamboo desktop, this desk is impressive. It’s an expensive investment, retailing for $799 in the US and £699 in the UK, but if you’re looking for a strong attractive standing desk then it could be worth it.


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Desktop Size55.2 x 27.7 inches / 140.4 x 70.4 cm
Height 24 - 49.2 inches / 61 - 125 cm
Weight128 pounds
Max Load220.5 pounds / 100kg
MaterialsBamboo and Steel
Cable ManagementTray
Features Wireless charging, embedded drawer, collision detection
Included accessoriesNone
Warranty10 years
MSRP$799 / £699
Price as configured$799 / £699


The Q8 Comhar Pro comes in two reassuringly heavy boxes that together weigh around 128 pounds. By themselves the boxes are movable, but I would definitely recommend getting a little help (or at least something with wheels) to make moving them around easier. 

Because I had a good idea of what was contained in each of the boxes, I opted for the larger desktop-sized box first and laid it flat on the floor to open. Inside were the instructions and lavishly packed parts and accessories. Opening the smaller box revealed the heavy steel legs and motors of the desk, similarly well-packed.

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For construction, FlexiSpot included a Phillips screwdriver and an Allen key, as well as the bolts and screws needed to attach the parts together. The instruction manual for the Q8 Comhar Pro was clear and concise with accurate illustrations, and with the help of a QA code in the manual, you can watch an instructional video if you need more help visualizing how the desk is put together.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Constructing the desk was very simple, and although I didn’t have any problems with putting the parts together myself, another pair of helping hands to lift the final product upright would have helped.

The bamboo desktop comes attached to a steel frame, with the drawer and electrical systems already attached as well. Having the heaviest and most awkward parts of the build already partially constructed cuts the build time significantly — you only have the legs/motors, feet, cable tray, and clip-on baffle to bolt together. Total build time was about 30 minutes, and I built the desk solo and took extra care not to scratch or damage anything.

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

I was incredibly impressed with the quality and condition of all the parts: nothing was dented or scratched and there were no paint defects. The holes in the frames and the pre-drilled holes in the bamboo desktop were perfectly lined up, and every bolt and screw went in effortlessly. Minus the sheer weight of the desk, this was one of the easiest furniture construction experiences I’ve had.

Design and Construction

The Q8 Comhar Pro is solidly constructed, with a beautiful minimalistic look that will fit both offices and gaming spaces. Several small design choices make this desk not only look good, but also perform well. It has curved corners, which reduces the chances of receiving a painful knock when raising or lowering the desk or from just walking past. The curved aesthetics also extend to the legs of the desk, which are made of rolled steel plate formed into an oval shape. My personal favorite touch are the controls, which are built into the frame of the desk — not protruding out underneath, where a chair arm could catch the controls and potentially cause damage.

The build quality of this desk is top-notch, with all the machined parts crafted to fit perfectly. The bamboo desktop has an attractive grain and is a very hard wood that should resist scratches well and is naturally more water-resistant than most hardwoods. Measuring 28 inches (70.5cm) deep and 55 inches (140.5cm) wide, there’s plenty of room for all your monitors and peripherals. I did, however, have some issues with some of the clamps on my microphone boom arm and a monitor stand as they didn’t open wide enough to accommodate the thickness of the combined metal frame and bamboo desktop, which measures 2.7 inches (7 cm) thick. So keep this in mind when purchasing accessories to fit the desk.

FlexiSpot states that the desk can lift up to 220 pounds (100kg), and I attempted to put this to the test — I thought I weighed just under that, so I hopped on the desk and started going up, but it soon stopped and popped up a little error message on the LED screen. After jumping on the scales, it turns out I’m still carrying a little holiday weight and 225 pounds was too much for the Q8 — time to hit the gym. But the good news was that the desk just stopped and locked in place for a few minutes, and then the error message disappeared and the controls returned to normal.

Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

There are no fancy lights on the Q8 Comhar Pro — unlike the ARGB lighting on the Cooler Master GD160 — and I love it. The light-colored bamboo contrasts beautifully with the black metal frame, making the desk look classy and expensive. It puts my old desk to shame, and I wouldn’t feel disappointed had I purchased this desk myself. If black isn’t your style, you can also grab the Q8 Comhar Pro with a white frame.

While this desk doesn’t come with any accessories by default, it does come with a built-in drawer and integrated wireless charging. While I first thought the wireless charging spot was a gimmick that I wouldn’t use, I’m not completely sold on its inclusion and it’s something I can definitely see other standing desks copying as it’s so handy and cable-free.

Adjustments and Comfort

When fully raised the Q8 Comhar Pro stands at 49.2 inches (125cm), which should work as a standing desk height for people up to about 6’7”. At its lowest setting the desk stands 24 inches (61cm) off the ground, which is an ergonomically ideal seated desk height for someone 5’4” — while this might not seem accommodating for the shorter crowd, it is about four inches shorter than most standard desks and tables.

I’ve mentioned that the Q8 is a sturdy, well-built desk, and this is most evident when it’s extended to its maximum height — even without a lower brace on the legs, there’s virtually no wobble or excess movement when raising or lowering the desk with a full setup. The desk is stable and feels solid at its maximum height, and I had to use excessive force to cause any real motion.

Q8 Comhar Pro Standing Desk

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The controls for the desk are fairly standard, but the actual control unit is installed into the frame and also includes two USB ports (1 x Type A, 1 x Type C). There are four preset numbered buttons, on which you can save y our favorite desk height presets. To save a preset, all you have to do is press and hold the touch-sensitive button for a few seconds until it beeps — and the setting is saved. Next to the preset buttons are two arrow buttons that raise and lower the desk. Pressing these buttons simultaneously allows you to adjust the desk’s collision detection sensitivity (low, medium, high, or off).

The collision detection on the Q8 Comhar Pro works OK, but I wouldn’t want to place anything valuable underneath the desk as the only way the collision detection works is by the desk actually impacting on something (and there seems to be varying degrees of reactions to the objects it encounters). Even on the highest sensitivity the desk would sometimes continue lowering until it physically couldn’t go any lower — I tried leaving my legs underneath the desk and, although it would stop, there was certainly enough pressure to perhaps scratch or dent something flimsy.

Cable Management

One of the hardest things to control on any computer desk is cable management, and I feel this problem is magnified with rising desks as you have to take the movement of the desk into account. How do you make sure your cabling has enough slack without having wires hanging all over the place?

The Q8 Comhar Pro includes a cable management tray mounted under the desktop near the rear of the desk. The tray is big enough to hold a surge protector and some power adapters, so you can leave just one cable from the surge protector trailing to the nearest socket. The cable tray has little notches in it to help place and hold wires, and the tray also has cutouts if you want to use cable ties or clamps to secure things in place.

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The main features of the Q8 Comhar Pro are its wireless charging dock and drawer, and they’ve really grown on me. I can’t remember seeing a desk with a wireless charging dock included before, and I’m finding myself using it all the time because it’s just so handy. I’m not sure of the strength of the wireless charging signal — my son’s iPhone wouldn’t charge on it while it was in its protective case, but it worked fine without it. So far the charger has worked with all of the fast-charging devices I’ve tried.

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The built-in drawer is also very useful. It’s thin, but it’s more than ample for items such as stationary, a laptop, or bundles of cables. Like every other part of the desk, the drawer operates smoothly and uniformly fits the frame. It is made of metal and so placing or removing items inside can be a little noisy, but this can be easily negated with some foam or cloth lining.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a well-built, sturdy standing desk that isn’t flashing with RGB or excessive flair, the Q8 Comhar Pro is definitely worth a look. It’s beautiful and functional with an exceptional finish. The desktop is made of bamboo, which is reassuring as I know how much punishment a bamboo cutting board can take — I’m not worried about the desktop getting too scuffed or scratched, even with all the sharp PC bits and pieces that often litter my workspace.

I really like this desk and would heartily recommend it for its stable non-wobbly action when going from sitting to standing and back, and also its generous height range and smooth steady dual electric motors. It’s not whisper quiet when in use — it’s not loud, but it is noticeable. This didn’t bother me in the slightest, but I don’t share an office space with anyone else; if you’re sharing an office this may be something to take into consideration.

While $799 isn’t exactly cheap, it’s not wildly expensive compared to other electric sit-to-stand desks on the market (Thermaltake’s luxury smart gaming desk designed by Studio F. A. Porsche costs upwards of $2,000, for example). It’s on the higher side of average, but the easy construction, sturdy build, and stylish overall look is worth the premium price.

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    My ex bought a standing table, but she never stands at it. She’s always sitting lol.
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