Real Gentlemen: Performance IDE Hard Drives

Western Digital 800BB

The WD800BB will not remain the flagship for much longer: A new 100 GB drive is coming soon.

The WD800BB is a very affordable drive - it can already be had starting at $ 190. Taking its low price into account, the performance of this drive is quite good. It's temperature is only slightly higher than the 600BB, and surprisingly, both its surface temperature and noise level are even lower than the WD400BB.

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Western Digital WD800BB
Capacity20 GB (WD200BB), 1 Platter30 GB (WD300BB), 2 Platters40 GB (WD400BB), 2 Platters60 GB (WD 600BB), 3 Platters80 GB (WD800BB), 3 Platters
Rotation Speed7,200 rpm
Average Seek Time8.9 ms
Cache Memory2048 kB
Warranty3 Years

Just like with the WD600BB: The jumper settings are printed on the label. Without it, you could not possibly distinguish the WD drives from each other.

For more information about this drive, please go to the Western Digital website .