Secretlab League of Legends K/DA Edition Gaming Chair Review: Akali’s Throne

Akali gone couture with Secretlab's themed gaming chair.

Secretlab League of Legends
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Tom's Hardware Verdict

The Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair collection is the pinnacle of luxury, especially within its price band. It offers the comfort and support you need with a flashy exterior you’ll never get tired of showing off.


  • +

    Firm, yet forgiving, foam

  • +

    Spill-proof leather

  • +

    Pillows keep you comfortable

  • +

    Great range of adjustments


  • -

    Seat’s raised edges can be painful on wider hips

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Whether you’re working hard, gaming hard or the two are one and the same, a comfortable, supportive chair can work wonders. If you’re a streamer or someone who does many video calls, having a striking design or one that matches your personality makes the investment even more worthwhile. Secretlab’s new collection of League of Legends-inspired gaming chairs hits both nails on the head.

The Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair collection comes in one of two sizes: the Omega version we’re reviewing here or the larger Titan version (starts at $429). In either form factor, you get your choice of the K/DA Edition we’re reviewing here or one of three other designs. No matter which of the four looks you choose, this gaming chair has the type of build that easily makes working or gaming for long hours a much more comfy experience. At $359 (MSRP $460), the Secretlab League of Legends Omega 2020 gaming chairs are $10 more than the starting price of the standard Secretlab Omega, one of the best gaming chairs. But with this level of luxury, long-term the chair is as cost-effective as it is comfortable. 

Design of the Secretlab League of Legends Chair

The Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair is also available in a Yasuo, Akali or Ahri designs. However, I opted for the beautiful, over-the-top looks of the K/DA Edition. 

Secretlab’s League of Legends collection is the result of a partnership with Riot Games and represents the first official League of Legends chairs. In terms of design, this pairing is a match made in League heaven.

The K/DA Edition strives to embody the League of Legends K-pop group, specifically rapper Akali, with its purple accents and golden highlights and dragon. Stitching, from the purple lines running throughout the chair to Akali’s golden dragon on back, is flawless. And that dragon emblem is a piece of art. My favorite go-to move is spinning my chair so that people can see the design on the back while I’m streaming. Peak gamer chair flex! 

Purple chairs can be bold (see: the Cooler Master Caliber R2), but the K/DA Edition chair’s colors are subtle and rich. I wouldn’t think purple and gold would go together this well, but the tone of gold Secretlab chose led to perfect harmony. It's a cool design even if you aren't a KDA fan, but if you are, this piece will serve as a functional collector’s piece. 

Everything here looks custom and professional. I’m currently the envy of all my friends with this chair, and I cannot blame them. It’s as beautiful as it is functional, and that’s a hard balance to find.

The chair uses a finely-textured PU (polyurethane) that has been very durable in my couple weeks with it. My children and I have put it through the ringer, including spills and jumping, and it currently has no visible markings. Adding to durability is the fact that this is incredibly water resistant. Any liquid that fell on the chair glided off smoothly. As an accident-prone streamer and mother of toddlers, this is the crowning achievement of the chair for me. 

My favorite perk of all are the neck and lumbar pillows. These are luxurious, velvety soft and supportive pillows that could nearly justify the price of the chair on their own. The lumbar support pillow is a godsend and has helped this sore gamer’s back immensely. Both pillows are stuffed with Secretlab’s Signature Memory Foam, which features cooling gel and has a lot of give while still retaining shape and support. The neck pillow also has an adjustable strap.  I would honestly like more of these pillows for other seating in my house.

Comfort and Adjustments

We reviewed the Omega chair, which is specced for people up to 5’11” and 240 pounds, but there’s also a Titan version for gamers 5’9” - 6’7” and up to 290 pounds. 

The Secretlab League of Legends Omega 2020 gaming chair is stuffed with foam that is just firm enough to make me feel comfortably supported with enough give to keep me sitting in the chair longer than I probably should. Secretlab’s proprietary Cold-Cure Foam, which is a solid block of foam (rather than layers of foam like some rivals) with air pockets, offers the perfect balance of stiffness for long hours gaming or working in the office. 

Let's talk about armrests. The League of Legends chair’s armrests offer more customization than I knew I needed. They have three buttons, allowing you to move them up and down, slide them forward and back, push them toward your body or away or turn them diagonally toward or away from you. That’s really helpful because armrests locked into one position can feel confining. This is the best armrest mobility I’ve ever had in a chair and not something you always find in rivals. 

Additionally, the armrests are definitely on the harder side. Some may find them too firm, but I found them great for propping myself up or resting my arms during a long gaming session.

My only complaint with this chair are the edges of the seat. To be fair, Secretlab didn’t know my size when they sent me my test unit, and I would have been better suited for the Titan version, I learned. In the Omega size of this chair, my hips are hitting the edge. After about 2 weeks, my body is getting used to it, but at first it was excruciating. So be sure to read the specs carefully before buying and choose a chair suited for your body type. 

The chair also has very smooth movement mechanics and will have you gliding across your office or gaming space with extra panache. I love the full motion of the wheels and that rotating or moving around an obstacle is very easy in this chair. 

The options for comfort customizations are great as well. You can easily adjust the height of the chair with a simple lever system. Same with the recline of the chair, which can lean back for a quick power nap if needed. 

Assembling the Secretlabs League of Legends Chair

I’ll admit it. When I opened the Secretlab League of Legends gaming chair’s box, I was a little overwhelmed. But with the giant, easy-to-read instructions sheet and a custom tool kit, I managed fully assembly my chair in under 1 hour. The easy build is great for some. 

Attaching the backrest to the seat properly required a second set of hands, but the whole assembly process felt fast and easy, unlike, well, every other piece of furniture I’ve ever put together. Plus, you don’t even have to get your toolbox out, thanks to the included tool set.

Warranty for the Secretlab League of Legends Chair

If you can’t get over the price of this chair, it’s important to consider the warranty. Out of the box, the chair comes with a 3-year warranty. But if you register the chair, the warranty jumps to 5 years. If anything breaks mechanically or experiences a loss of functionality, Secretlab has you covered. The company doesn’t cover for any damage to aesthetics though. 

Bottom Line 

(Image credit: Tom's Hardware)

Secretlab’s League of Legends Omega gaming chairs come at a steep price, but it’s worth every penny. It’s not just about the look, but that the chair is built to keep you feeling good for hours. As a streamer who hasn’t believed the hype around these chairs for a long time, I cannot stress enough how important it is to just crack open the piggy bank and take care of your body.

The K/DA Edition of the chair is a fun look that’ll make other League of Legends fans jealous. However, there are also numerous other looks and a design for everyone. In addition to the Omega size we reviewed, there’s also a Titan size, meaning that this chair is size inclusive! Sadly, that version costs more than the Omega one we reviewed, which will be tight for some. 

The Secretlab League of Legends Omega chair is cool enough for gaming while functional for work. If you don’t need the larger Titan, this is an investment that’ll support your gaming habit and your back.

You can see the full specs for this chair below. 

(Image credit: Secretlab)

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  • thisisaname
    All that money for a chair but the arms would not look out of place on a very cheap office chair.
  • Friesiansam
    It's also a lot of money for a plastic covered chair, no leather and not even cloth.
  • SkyBill40
    Friesiansam said:
    It's also a lot of money for a plastic covered chair, no leather and not even cloth.

    If you want an actual leather chair, it's available; the same goes for cloth. Your choice is your own and if this isn't for you...don't buy one.