The Smallest of Them All: The P4/2400 Micro PC

Upgrades And Added Power

The PC sent to us for testing was equipped to the hilt. We received a model factory-equipped with a Pentium 4/2400, backed up by 512 MB DDR266 memory and a 60 GB hard disk. The CPU has only limited upgrade possibilities because the SiS 650 chipset only supports a 100 MHz Front Side Bus. This means that it's only possible to upgrade to a P4/2600, since this is the last CPU with 100 MHz FSB. The limit for RAM is 1 GB, as there are only two SO-DIMM slots available. If required, the substantial hard drive can be exchanged for a larger 80 GB model - there's no room for a second hard drive in the housing. But here the user should concentrate on the system's compact dimensions that still deliver the goods when it comes to performance.

Memory extension: the memory slots are below the CD-ROM drive. The Micro PC can handle maximum memory of 1 GB DDR226.

The test PC was already factory-equipped with 512 MB DDR226 memory.

Not exactly cheap: the 512 MB SO-DIMM memory module (DDR266).

A sighting of the compact CD-ROM drive, the same as is used in notebooks.