The Smallest of Them All: The P4/2400 Micro PC

Micro PC Vs. Mini PC: A Question Of Taste?

There's no simple solution to the question of which is the right PC, Micro or Mini. Because Shuttle's Mini PC is based exclusively on conventional PC technology, with the only difference being that the components have been organized intelligently and frugally, the costs are substantially lower. On the other hand, the Micro PC from Jadetec has opted for an original solution - linking PC and notebook technology. In addition, it's worth noting that the Mini PC can be optionally fitted with high performance AGP graphics - perhaps an ATI Radeon 9700 Pro. That will even keep demanding game freaks quiet. But for the typical user buying a Micro PC, 3D games are less of a factor. Office applications or the ability to show presentations will be more probable uses.

Comparison of two different approaches: on the left, the Shuttle Mini PC; on the right, Jadetec's Micro PC.

Mini PC and Micro PC with connectors from behind. Both systems offer almost the same functionality.