Staying In Control With Trusted Platform Modules

A Closer View

The DC7600 Minitower opened.

The target audience of the HP Compaq 7x00 series - as well as that of the Trusted Computing Group generally - is mid-sized and larger company networks. These networks would benefit from centralized management functions, as well as from the higher security characteristics offered by TPM. Currently HP offers this computer series in three versions: an UltraSlim desktop, a desktop, and a tower.

We received a mini tower, which can also be used as a desktop thanks to additional rubber feet on the right side of the case. The housing is, apart from the cheap plastic front bezel, high quality and thus accordingly heavy. Many details are quite elaborate, and ease the administration of the computer notably; for example, the door can be opened with a quick-lock mechanism. Likewise, the CD-/DVD-ROM and hard drives are added without the need to remove screws. If one wants to add new drives, screws must be attached to the devices themselves only; these then slide in matching rails.

The chassis offers space for two additional 5.25" devices, one 3.5" device, and a floppy disk drive as well. HP thought this out and already placed all the screws necessary in the housing. The actively cooled power supply puts out a maximum of 345 watts.

Apart from the TPM extension, the motherboard is a typical 945 chipset interpretation with onboard video (Intel GMA950) as well as integrated AC97 sound. The existing ports correspond to equipment an office computer typically features today. Six USB 2.0 ports and the Gigabit Ethernet connection are available on the back, while the front features two USB 2.0 ports as well as audio in and out. You won't find Firewire ports, DVI output or an S-video connector.

This is the chassis' back and front view.

These ports we found on the back and front panel.

  • jimmy99099099
    Could you give some detailed information about this board? i was given one a few weeks back and i have been trying to find out the information. (Decent selling price, How much RAM it supports, The best CPU for it (Currently a intel pentium 4,) and the basic conclusion of being able to use this as a standalone PC motherboard?) Also a wiring diagram would be appreciated as i have had no luck in wiring the thing up.