The Storage Champions: ATA/100 IDE RAID Controllers From AMI, HighPoint And Promise

Promise FastTrak100 TX2

Promise's ATA/100 IDE RAID controller is available as a two-channel and four-channel version (TX2 and TX4 respectively). Striping several drives will easily exceed the maximum IDE data rate of 100 MB/s, which would make the 33 MHz PCI bus a serious bottleneck. Thus, the Promise controllers support 66 MHz operation in order to make use of a PCI bandwidth of 266 MB/s. Please be sure that the system will only run 66 MHz if all PCI cards comply to PCI 2.2!

The PDC2xxxx is not only available as a PCI card - sometimes it is also integrated onto motherboards (e.g. Gigabyte GA-7DXR), where it is called FastTrak Lite.