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Supersize Your TV for $300: Build Your Own XGA Projector!

TFT Display: Resolution, Color Intensity, Response Time

Getting hold of a suitable TFT panel presents no difficulties, as we said before: an old 15.1" flatscreen monitor makes the ideal basis for building a powerful projector. Most displays offer a physical resolution of 1024x768 (i.e. 786,432) pixels, for playing back high-quality DVD videos or displaying the Windows screen. Some models even offer resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, making them suitable for 3D games, too.

SVGA800x600480,000partially suitable
XGA1024x768786,432highly suitable
SXGA1280x10241,310,720highly suitable

The table above lists the principal resolutions; note that resolutions higher than SXGA are seldom available in 15" format, with the exception of some notebook displays. This means the display no longer fits the overhead projector, as its dimensions exceed the light frame. The panel on our projector was taken from an older flatscreen from Iiyama, the 15.1" BX3814UT .

Aside from display size, simple disassembly was a major criterion in our search for a suitable flatscreen monitor. Several factors must be taken into account to avoid destroying any components.

We don't really need to mention color accuracy, as almost all older displays support 24 bit color depth, and hence 16.7 million colors for perfect DVD screenings. Response time poses no problems, even on relatively small displays up to 15 inches: less than 30 ms average is completely adequate for perfect picture reproduction.

  • Hi,
    I'm a 12 year old and I just got this projector working. If you live in the bay area then I recommend you go to Weirdstuff that is where I got all my parts for all under $46
  • just looking into this idea and was just wondering what the implications would be to have the lcd screen supported away from the glass of the projector thus aiding the cooling of the screen ?? Say a 2 to 3cm gap? would this affect the picture quality or would the screen still need the same amount of cooling as it does on the screen. As you can tell by the questions i havn't made one but seriously thinking about it. also ... !! woulld there be an option of other video inputs to the screen ie .. Phono jack rather than laptop / pc?
    Cheers for the info if you respond.
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    hiiiiiiii im CJ can you tell me please which in this projector plz.......................