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Video Guide Part 2: Applications for Companies

Video Conferences

Video conferencing systems can be principally sorted into two groups: proprietary systems that require special connections and kits which transform any PC with a modem/ISDN board into a respectable and functional video conferencing system. The proprietary solutions are most suited to use in large companies. These install the required terminal equipment, normally consisting of a camera, screen and transmission device at different locations. An individual line is then installed for data transmission, or one is rented from a provider. The picture and sound quality is normally extremely good on most industrial systems, however their installation only makes sense for businesses due to the high cost.

So-called 'video conferencing kits' are specifically designed for connection to a PC. These kits normally consist of an adapter (board), a digital camera, a microphone and the corresponding software. As a transmission standard now exists (H.323), different systems and software packages can be linked up via a network. The company Picture Tel offers very interesting video conferencing solutions, also for home user applications.