Whitney, Intel's 810 Chipset - Part I

66 MHz Or 100 MHz?

Now there are a lot more buses used within the Intel810-chipset. The picture below can show you the different interconnections:

The CPU Bus or 'Front Side Bus' - 66 MHz, 64 bit = 533 MB/s

Above all you can see the CPU, a Celeron processor. Here comes the first questionable thing about 810. Due to the fact that Intel hasn't released any Celeron CPUs at 100 MHz front side bus yet, the 810-chipset communicates with current Celeron processors at 66 MHz only. The 810 has a built in switch that cranks up the FSB to 100 MHz, but officially this is not supposed to happen as long as the Pentium III is only using 100 MHz FSB as well. As soon as the Camino chipset is available, PIII will move to 133 MHz FSB and Celeron will finally get to 100 MHz FSB. This will be the time when Intel will suddenly 'enable' 100 MHz FSB in the 810-chipset. This issue is very interesting for overclockers, because most motherboard makers will include a jumper or maybe even a soft switch on the board that let's you switch between 66 and 100 MHz FSB already now.