How Well Do Workstation Graphics Cards Play Games?

DirectX 11 Results: Metro 2033

DirectX 11: Metro 2033

The FirePro W9000 falls back a bit at low resolutions. AMD's FirePro W7000 surprisingly manages to place right behind the W9000 at higher quality settings.

Even more surprisingly, the otherwise unremarkable AMD FirePro V7900 beats Nvidia's GeForce GTX 680. This isn’t bad for an older GPU from the previous generation. The FirePro W7000 gets some help from its 4 GB of GDDR5 memory at high resolutions. AMD's FirePro V7900 has no such luck.

Once again, the Tahiti-based FirePro W8000 surprises us by totally failing to perform. It even does worse than the lower-end FirePro V5900 at our most demanding settings. We ran the test on a second system because we couldn't explain the poor performance, but came up with similar numbers.