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Apple Accuses Polish Grocery Store of Trademark Infringement

Recent months have seen Apple go head to head with Samsung in an extremely high profile patent infringement battle. Samsung isn't the only company Apple's legal team has targeted. Over the years, Cupertino has filed suits against numerous companies, including Microsoft, Psystar, Amazon, HTC, and Motorola. However, Apple doesn't just fight tech companies. This week it emerged that the company is taking on a Polish grocery store

Reuters reports that the Polish patent office confirmed on Tuesday that Apple filed a complaint against the online grocery store. Apple is accusing of copying its famous logo in an attempt to win customers. Additionally, a patent office spokesman told Reuters Apple believes that the grocery store, with its similar name, is using Apple's reputation. chief executive is quoted as saying the accusation is ludicrous. is currently not using the logo in question, but this isn't the first time Apple has gone after a supermarket. Back in 2009, the company disputed a trademark application in Australia after retailer Woolworths changed its logo to a stylised green "W" in the shape of an apple. Apple stepped in when Woolworths attempted to obtain a blanket trademark for the logo. Apple's problem was that the company's trademark application also extend electrical goods and technology. Woolworths is still using the logo today.

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