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Apple Suffers Largest Share Price Decrease in Four Years

Apple has suffered its largest share price drop in four years, with the company having experienced a constant decline in stock prices since the iPad Mini and iPad 4's launch.

Share prices of the world's richest company was hit by the biggest single-day loss since December 17, 2008, due to a decrease of 6 percent. Consequently, the technology giant has lost $35 billion of its market value.

Research firm IDC had predicted that Android-powered tablets will have a market share of 42.7 percent by the end of the year, an increase from 39.8 percent. Subsequently, Apple's iPad share has decreased due to the emergence of devices based on Google's platform. Android has also considerably decreased iPhone's market share on a global scale.

Apple shares have previously seen a drop of around 18 percent from a record-high of $705.07 in September. However, American multinational financial services firm Citigroup recently stressed that the decline won't continue for much longer.

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