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Tom's Guide: Backup Your PC With These Free Programs

Backing up your data isn't exactly a thrilling task, but it's definitely a necessary one. Though boring, protecting your data from harm is actually very easy, and there is a wealth of programs that will help you do it. Heck, some of them you just need to input a few settings and it'll run itself. Still, it can be hard to know which program is right for you. After all, the casual user and power user have very different needs. Check out Tom's Guide's 'Save Your Data: Backup with These Free Programs,' for a full round-up of the best backup tools.

Keeping a backup of your data can often feel like an unnecessary chore...until disaster strikes and you lose years of work, pictures, or media due to hardware failure or a system crash. your precious data need not be overly complex or expensive, and you certainly won't begrudge the effort if disaster strikes. Here are 11 great and free tools for safeguarding your electronic treasures. Whether you're a power-user that needs to protect your data or a casual surfer looking for some extra peace of mind, there's a program in here to suit your needs.Save Your Data: Backup with These Free Programs

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