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Encrypted External Drive Uses Keypad

Apricorn has announced the availability of its Aegis Padlock Secure Drive, an external USB HDD with a built-in keypad that allows up to 10 PIN (personal identification number) passkeys for added security. While this may seem like overkill, the real-time 128-bit or 256-bit hardware encryption certainly prevents unauthorized access to sensitive data stored on the drive.

"With no software installation required for setup or operation, the Aegis Padlock Secure Drive provides stress free deployment in corporate environments," the company said. "Its Administrator Feature allows enrollment of up to ten unique user ID’s and one administrator, making it a useful business collaboration tool."

According to Aproicorn, the drive is completely bus powered, meaning the drive doesn't depend on an AC adaptor. The drive also features a 16-point omni-directional shock mounting system to protect the data from rough handling, and the integrated USB cable makes it easy to plug and play anywhere without the need to drag along extra cable. Although formatted for Windows-based systems, users can re-format the drive for use with a Mac or Linux system without altering the drive's encryption abilities

Additionally, the specifications reveal that the drive has a transfer rate of up to 480 Mbp/s (via a USB 2.0 interface), has an RPM of 5400, and features an average seek time of 12 ms. The drive also comes in three unique flavors: 250 GB, 320 GB, and 500 GB, with pricing ranging from $99 to $159. Interested consumers can purchase the drive directly from Apricorn's website.