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Here Are the UK's Top Search Terms According to Google

As the year 2012 draws to a close, it's time to look back on the last 12 months and see what we've been looking for while surfing the web. Google has released its annual Zeitgeist showing the most common UK search terms for 2012. Rather surprisingly, it's not all as obvious as you think.

The Olympics, for example. was not the most searched term in 2012. Instead, Google reports that the games were overtaken by Euro 2012. However, the 2012 Summer Games were well represented. London was the most searched city in Google Maps, while Stella McCartney was the top trending designer, and and Muse's 'Survival' was among the top trending songs.

Other topics of interest over the year included YouTube hit Gangnam Style, iPad 3 and Netflix. Check the list below for the top 10 trending searches, people, songs, cities, TV shows and movies below:

Trending Searches 2012

1. Euro 2012
2. Olympic tickets
3. Whitney Houston
4. Kate Middleton
5. April Jones
6. Netflix
7. Natwest online
8. ipad 3
9. Gary Barlow
10. Gangnam Style

Trending People

1. Whitney Houston
2. Kate Middleton
3. Gary Barlow
4. Tulisa
5. Jessica Ennis
6. Fabrice Muamba
7. Michael Clarke Duncan
8. Morgan Freeman
9. Prince Harry
10. Usain Bolt

Trending Songs

1. Gangnam Style
2. Call Me Maybe
3. Blow Me One Last Kiss
4. Beneath Your Beautiful
5. The Official Olympic Song (Survival by Muse)
6. Skyfall
7. Somebody That I Used To Know
8. We Are Young
9. Too Close
10. 212

Most searched Cities in Google Maps (UK)

1. London
2. Bristol
3. Manchester
4. Edinburgh
5. Brighton
6. Surrey
7. Leeds
8. Oxford
9. Cambridge
10. Birmingham

Trending TV Shows

1. Mike the Knight
2. Homeland
4. The Jonathan Ross Show
5. Celebrity Big Brother
6. Sherlock
7. The Great British Bake Off
8. Game of Thrones
9. Big Bang Theory
10. How I Met Your Mother

Trending Movies

1. Skyfall
2. Prometheus
3. The Hunger Games
4. Magic Mike
5. Taken 2
6. The Avengers
7. The Woman in Black
8. The Dictator
9. Sinister
10. The Devil Inside

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