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PAX: Nvidia Takes GTX 480 Directly to Gamers

Nvidia has finally brought its next generation of GPUs into the limelight.

Using the first annual PAX East convention in Boston as a springboard, Nvidia has taken the shroud off two new video cards, the GTX 480 and GTX 470. Both cards support DirectX 11, and the former comes with 480 processing cores and 1.5GB of RAM while the latter comes with 448 cores and 1.2GB of RAM.

The mood in the Hynes Convention Center was excitement, to say the least. Nvidia is bringing its next-gen video cards to market nearly six months after AMD's 5000 series. "You guys have been amazingly patient with us," said Drew Henry, Nvidia's General Manager of the GeForce GPU team. When the longer-than-usual wait was brought up, Drew responded with "...we chose to do something new, interesting, and exciting."

After going through some GTX 480 performance figures, Drew brought up several game developers to demo their new titles with a GTX 480 GPU and a 3D Surround setup (three giant projector screens). Including titles like Bad Company 2, Need for Speed, Metro 2033 and World of WarCraft, One thing was clear during the demos: Nvidia is taking 3D at least as seriously as TV manufacturers, if not more so. All the demos were in stereoscopic 3D, and the Need for Speed Design Garage demo was especially intriguing, since it utilized real-time raytracing on the car models.

We'll bring you responses from gamers that were at the event and what their take is on Nvidia's latest generation of GPUs. Check back soon!

  • randomizer
    The gamers left it at the door on the way out.
  • builderbobftw
    Meh, I would pay 300$ for a GTX 480, horrendously overpriced and power hungry card.
  • backin5
    "I'm melting, melting. Ohhhhh, what a world, what a world..."

    - GTX 480
  • burpnrun
    Too little. Too late. Too expensive. Too hot. Too prone to failure like Nvidia's "bumpgate". Too bad. So sad. Goodbye Nvidia.
  • hundredislandsboy
    After I read this article the first thing that popped up is - What's the launch date for AMD's six-core mainstream CPU?
  • micky_lund
    could that guy in the pic get any whiter?
  • Blessedman
    burpnrun you should pray that Nvidia doesn't go away, unless of course you would like to take out a loan to buy your next video card from ATI/AMD.
  • lordcrazex
    sorry, but i'm sticking with AMD, 5000-series ftw! :D
  • Manos
    I wonder ( no i dont favor nvidia or anything. I care to get what i pay for no matter my pricerange each time , why every one SO negative and against Nvidia? Is it cause they rather feel sure that the new GPUs will suck and excuse their purchases of 5*** ATI or just a huge fanbase of ATI in the website?

    No need to throw things at me. lol Im literally curious why so much hate for Nvidia. If anything, you should hope that those are great cause if not the 5*** and the next models will be overpriced if ATI stays on top alone for the next 6 more months the least and thats a fact.
  • hundredislandsboy
    Simply, the answer is this - gamers don't want hype and tech buzzwords and Heaven benchmarks. They want the best performance per dollar. Nvidia wants to sell their new for $500. For less than that, you can pick up two 5850's for crossfire and have faster framerates.