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Blizzard Launching Public Test Realm for Diablo 3

One of my favorite realms in Diablo 3. That bug-faced monster looks a little familiar...

Diablo 3 community manager "Lylirra" reports that Blizzard will soon launch a Public Test Realm (PTR) for the popular action-RPG. Patch 1.0.5 will be its first experiment, allowing participants to test the new features and submit general feedback and bug reports. Naturally hopeful subjects will need a Diablo 3 game license attached their account that's in good standing to gain access.

"You will also need to create a PTR account by logging in to your Account Management page," the blog states. "We will be enabling PTR account creation soon (we'll provide an update once it's available), and once it's up you'll simply need to select your Diablo 3 game license and then click 'Create a PTR account.' After you've created your account, you'll be able to download the client from the Diablo 3 landing page, or from your Games Download page in Account Management."

While the 1.0.5 PTR will only be in available in English, French, German, and Korean languages, accounts from all regions are eligible to participate, Lylirra states. Patch testers will not be able to log in to the PTR client until it's actually live, nor will they be able to copy their existing characters over to the PTR until the realm actually goes online.

"Only one region per account can be copied at a time, however, so if you choose to copy characters from your account in a different region please note that any previously copied PTR characters will be lost," the blog reads. "We'll be providing more details, including an FAQ, once the 1.0.5 PTR is available, so stay tuned!"

According to the patch notes, v1.0.5 will bring a new system called Monster Power. Similar to the "Players 8" command in Diablo 2, this new system is designed to give players more control over how challenging enemies are in each difficulty. The new patch will also add a new event called Infernal Machine which is a device that will allow level 60 players to battle "uber” versions of some of Sanctuary's most nefarious bosses.

"While the rewards for defeating these bosses will be great, some assembly is required," the patch notes read. "Only the most powerful Nephalem can unlock the secrets to building the Infernal Machine, but once forged the device can be used to open portals to special encounters featuring not one, but two bosses which have been augmented from their original versions, both in terms of difficulty and appearance. Defeating each boss pair will provide players with extra items and gold, as well as a chance to find components for a new Legendary ring."

For more information about the upcoming patch, head here.

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