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MS Exec Tells Industry to Use Apple Notebooks

The founder of VodooPC, former CTO of HP's gaming business and currently a general manager at Microsoft told his Facebook friends late yesterday that every exec in the PC industry should be using an Apple notebook. Huh?

It's not like Sood told his 1688 friends to ditch Microsoft. In the end, Microsoft is mainly a software company while Apple is primarily a hardware maker. But you first thought may be whether Sood can keep his job when you read: “Every executive in the pc industry should use an apple notebook. Apple doesn’t just design products, they designed their business & process.”

Of course, her referred to Apple's thorough design process and the PC industry's inability to come up with products that are equally appealing (this may be a matter of taste.) There was a direct note about his former employer HP when he wrote: “we could have done it — just need a few years of patience, and investment in our tooling/process. We really could have done it. […] ‎.. especially with webOS, what a combination that would have been.”

Sood has a history of turning PC designs into art - that was the case at VoodooPC and, in a much more subdued way, at HP as well. There was a lot of brainwork in creating different PCs and his note goes in the same direction with a request to PC manufacturers: “For years the PC industry has been all about size and share. Since we all basically grew up on technology, I’d love to see experience-led thinking across the entire industry,” he wrote.