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Unofficial Benchmarks Show Intel Core i7-4960X Ivy Bridge-E Performing 10% Faster Than i7-3970X user “Toppc” has posted some initial benchmarks comparing a Core i7-3970X Sandy Bridge-E to an engineering sample of an i7 Ivy Bridge-E configured to match the upcoming Core i7-4960X processor.

Using Toppc's system configuration (tabulated below), the i7-4960X performed 5 percent to 10 percent better across the board than its Sandy Bridge-E predecessor. Specifically, the i7-4960X scored 10.94 points in CineBench vs. i7-3970X's 10.16 points, 561 vs. 533 points in CPU Mark, 38,644 vs. 35,804 in 3D Mark Vantage, and in WPrime it crunched 32 M in 4.601s vs. 5.01s for the i7-3970X. 

Sandy Bridge-EIvy Bridge-E
CPUCore i7-3970XCore i7-4960X Equivalent
CPU Clock3.50 GHz (Base) / 4.00 GHz (Turbo)3.50 GHz (Base) / 4.00 GHz (Turbo)
MotherboardMSI X79A-GD45 PlusMSI X79A-GD45 Plus
GPUGeForce GTX 480GeForce GTX 480

We can’t say we’re surprised to see these results and are certainly looking forward to Intel’s next generation of CPUs. Screenshots from the benchmarks are available below.