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Genesys Logic Offers USB 3.0 Webcam Controller GL3620

The GL3620 is the first USB 3.0 device in the industry, which will deploy the USB 3.0 Isochronous transfer mode. With its guaranteed bandwidth transmission nature, GL3620 can deliver uncompressed 1080p (1920X1080) video streaming at 30 frames per second. The defined theoretical limit is about 380 MB/s between host and device. 

The GL3620 is designed for users wanting to stream high-definition 1080p webcam videos and utillze high quality software video encoders. The GL3620 comes complete with a built in Hardware Image Signal Processing (HISP), which encodes RGB RAW data from CMOS sensors to interpolated YUV format. Also, HISP features bad pixel correction, image scaling, gamma correction, image quality enhancement, etc. To maintain backwards compatibility with USB 2.0, it includes a motion JPEG (MJPEG) encoder. The mass production version GL3620 will be available in Q2/2012, which will add support for MIPI D-PHY sensor interface to enable a broader range of sensor integration.