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Amped Intros Long-Range Wireless AC Router

Amped Wireless has announced the upcoming launch of the industry's first long-range Wireless AC network router, the RTA15. It will consist of three high gain 5dBi antennas, two 2.4 GHz 700mW amplifiers, four 5 GHz 700mW amplifiers with advanced two-stage amplifiers, and four advanced, low noise amplifiers. It will also include a USB port for file sharing and five Gigabit Ethernet ports (one is for the modem) for wired networking.

"By combining our award winning high power technology with the horsepower of 802.11ac, we are able to provide fastest speeds at the greatest distances.  This means faster streaming, downloading and web browsing with your Mac or PC laptop or desktop throughout your entire home, backyard or office," said Jason Owen, CEO of Amped Wireless.

According to the specs, the router's 2.4 GHz band will provide speeds up to 300 Mbps (Wireless N) and the 5 GHz band provide speeds up to 876 Mbps (Wireless AC). Naturally customers will need a Wireless AC device or adapter to access the higher speed, and will likely see up to 450 Mbps on the 5 GHz band using a Wireless N device.

"Similar to how a twin turbo works for a sports car to provide more power and speed, the RTA15 features advanced two-Stage amplifiers that boost a Wi-Fi signal twice to achieve maximum range and performance," the product description reads.

The spec list shows that the router will have one dedicated single band 2.4 GHz high gain 5dBi antenna, one dedicated 5.0 GHz high gain 5dBi antenna, and a high gain dual band antenna. Combined, the trio will provide maximum range to easily penetrate walls and help eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots. The router will even sport a 660 MHz processor for computing networking commands "at blazing speeds".

"Smart security features allow you to restrict access to specific users, set a daily time schedule for when the wireless network is available and when it is not and control how far your wireless network coverage reaches through wireless output power adjustments," the company said. "The High Power Dual Band Router also supports secure push button setup for WPS enabled devices."

As for other features, the new router will provide guest networking support, specific website blocking, SPI firewall protection, support for IPv6 Internet connections and more. The USB storage support will even include remote access by using an FTP client.

The new RTA15 Wireless AC router from Amped Wireless ships on July 16 and can be pre-purchased for $189.99 USD here.