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Xbox One Game Discs Only to be Used for Initial Installation

In the past few months, the next-generation Xbox rumor mill had been churning at an impressive rate. Allegedly, Durango at one point in its development was going to be always-online, partially to block the installation of used games. The Xbox One reveal today dispelled the always-online myth, but what about the used games?

According to Wired, the Xbox One's blu-ray disc reader is going to be sparsely used. A game disc will only be required for an initial installation. After that, a disc will no longer be required for a One user to play the game. How will this work in the scheme of Xbox One games across different accounts and consoles? Well, an installation fee will be charged should a game be installed on another account (though Microsoft hasn't confirmed what the fee will be). However, it's not clear whether or not players on a second account will be able to run games off the disc to play.

If it does prove to be the case that players on other accounts won't be able to run the game off of discs without the installation fee, it'll definitely prove a handicap to the second-hand games market… or to friends just wanting the ability to swap and borrow games.