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'Luggable' PC is a Laptop From Another Age

Ragnar's 84 luggable in all its glory
(Image credit: Ragnar84)

Had portable computers not coalesced around the familiar laptop form factor, they might have looked like this, and indeed they did for a brief period in the 1980s. This wonderful ‘luggable’ build by PCPartPicker user Ragnar84, and noticed by Hackaday, harks back to those more innocent times, when things like being able to run on batteries, and being able to carry the machine were a secondary concern.

The luggable with the side off

(Image credit: Ragnar84)

Describing himself as a ‘video editor and semi-casual gamer,’ Ragnar84’s build should be up to the job. It’s not super-powerful, with an i3-10100 and GTX 1060, backed by 16GB of RAM, but then it is portable if you’re open to generously interpreting the word. 

The GPU’s HDMI output is redirected inside the case where it pushes a 15.6in 1080p 120Hz screen built into the side of the case. There’s a built-in USB speaker, a kickstand to tilt the whole thing back for more comfortable viewing, and a removable handle to carry the thing around with. The side panels are made from custom-cut aluminum and plastic - in fact the entire ITX-compatible case is custom-made, and at 17.2 liters is pretty small. Cooling is stock, with additional 80mm and 120mm case fans, and the whole thing runs off a 450W power supply.

“This custom case gives me all the freedom, power, and sturdiness of a tower, with unmatched portability for a custom build,” writes Ragnar84 of his build, adding: “I don't need this new PC to blow my main machine out of the water,” to explain the modest specs.