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Microsoft Founds Open Source Company

At a closer look, Microsoft has quite a few open source, open standards as well as interoperability interest that will be organized with this new subsidiary. For example, Microsoft's contributions to the W3C, especially in the range of HTML5, as well as the recently outlined HTTP 2.0, as well as participation in DMTF and OASIS will find a home in Microsoft Open Technologies. A major task will be to make sure that open technologies will be available to Microsoft.

In an announcement, Microsoft said that Microsoft will continue to engage outside of Microsoft Open Technologies with open source communities as well as foundations, such as the Outercurve Foundation, and the Apache Software Foundation. However, the open source-focused subsidiary is created to provide a structure to establish defined links between proprietary software and open source and open standards and enable Microsoft to accelerate the "release open source software", accept contributions from the community and increase the company's involvement in open source efforts.