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Update For Need For Speed Adds Manual Transmission, Drag Races

Ghost Games has another free update available on March 3 for Need for Speed that includes the much-requested manual transmission feature, in addition to new cars, cosmetic items and more events.

Going To Manual

Manual transmission was heavily requested by the game’s fans, and the developers revealed it as a new feature alongside their announcement of game’s release date on PC. Even though the update comes out on March 3, it seems that the manual transmission might take some time to implement across all platforms. Ghost Games said it will be ready “as early as this week.”

More Cars, More Room, More Customization

The latest addition to the ever-growing car roster are two hot rods — the 1932 Hot Rod and the BeckKustoms F132. The 1932 variant will have four unique body kits (soft top, coupe, sedan and pickup), but both cars will include a set of visual customization items such as grilles, hoods, lights and exhausts.

As the developers add more cars to the game, you’ll eventually run out of space in your Warehouse to store your custom rides. However, the update will also increase your Warehouse slots, so you will have space for five more cars in your collection.

The visual Wrap Editor was also improved in multiple ways. You can place decals on your car with even more accuracy, thanks to a new coordinates system. Writing on the car is also simpler. All you have to do is choose a desired font, type in your word or phrase in the pop-up screen, and it will appear in the specified font.

A Drag Race

It’s back. In some previous Need for Speed games, you could participate in drag race events, and Ghost Games brought the feature back for this version. Specifically, you’ll be able to join five drag race events: Neck to Neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel.

On The Same Page

The PC version of the game is coming on March 17, and rest assured, PC gamers will get all of the same updates as their console counterparts.

In the months since the release of the base game, Ghost Games has continued to add more content to Need for Speed. However, the most appealing aspect of these updates is that they’re free. In an age where you have to have to pay for post-launch content, Ghost Games seems to be going against the grain with multiple injections of free cars, events and customization items to enhance the Need for Speed experience.

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