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Razer Releases Unveils Another Chroma Device: Tartarus Chroma Keypad

Just when you think Razer put its Chroma on all of its peripherals, there's one that you forget. This week, it's the Tartarus, one of the company's two gaming keypads.

Other than the addition of the Chroma software, the Tartarus seems to have the same features as its previous iterations. Weighing 0.66 pounds, it has 25 keys and an eight-way thumb pad, which are all fully programmable via the company's own Razer Synapse software.

It also has full anti-ghosting keys and ergonomic options by way of two different positions for the wrist rest. It can store up to eight different key map settings and provides unlimited macro length and game profiles so you can customize controls for pretty much every game in your library.

Unlike its brother, the Razer Orbweaver keypad (which features 30 keys instead of 25), the Tartarus Chroma has membrane switches. The regular Orbweaver has the company's green mechanical switches, the louder of its two key switches. There's also the Orbweaver Stealth, which has the quieter, orange switches. For now, the Orbweaver has yet to have Chroma implemented onto it, but that could change soon.

The Tartarus Chroma is available now for $79.99, the same price as its previous models.

The rapid expansion of Chroma across most of Razer's lineup is impressive. We first saw it on a keyboard, the BlackWidow Chroma, and since then Chroma has been in almost every new or updated product, from the Kraken headset and even to the Firefly mouse pad. If you're a Razer fan, and better yet a Chroma fanatic, then you might want to consider adding the Tartarus Chroma to your desk setup to further satisfy that Chroma itch.

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  • knowom
    They need to make a wireless keypad.
  • RedJaron
    Since keyboards and keypads don't move, wireless isn't a huge plus. Dragging a cord around with a mouse is definitely less desirable.

    The reason I got an Orbweaver was so I didn't have to look down at my hand and make sure I was on the right keys while gaming. I'm not sure what benefit you get from fancy lighting on something like this or a mouse.
  • crooked windows
    Need to see it on the bigger stealth version before I upgade, would also be nice to see custon keycaps too, Just wish the price wasn't so stupid.