Razer Announces Stealth Edition Orbweaver

If you can cast your mind back as far as January, you might remember Razer introducing two new products: the Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad for the PC gaming audience, and the Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 Controller. This week, the company gave the former a little bit of a freshen up with the introduction of an Orbweaver Stealth Edition.


The Razer Orbweaver Mechanical Gaming Keypad is based on the Razer Nostromo, and lets PC gamers bind an "infinite" number of controls to 20 mechanical keys. The Stealth Edition is supposed to provide a silent tactile feedback "in the form of a light pronounced tap to your fingertips." Razer claims that only 45g (down from 50g with the regular Orbweaver) of force is needed to punch in each key, thus the speed of command execution is only limited to the user's finger movements.

In addition to the mechanical keys, the Orbweaver Stealth also sports a programmable eight-way directional thumb-pad that can be used for in-game movement, or as a modifier for "endless" combinations. There are also adjustable rests for the thumb, palm and wrist which can be slid back and forth or tilted to suit any hand curvature or size.

Despite the changes to the device, the $130 price tag remains unchanged. 

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  • XZaapryca
    I've been using a Nostromo for well over a year and it's far more comfortable than a keyboard. Unlike the Razer I also have, the Nostromo is more than just an MMO piece of gear. Highly recommend.