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Attack: Duron 1200 Takes On the Pentium 4

Benchmark Results Everything Under Windows XP

We performed a total of 17 different benchmark tests in order to obtain the most complete, well-balanced view of how the AMD Duron 1200 performs.

We determined OpenGL performance using four different Quake tests - Direct3D performance from the DirectX package is determined using the 3D Mark 2000 (based on DirectX 7) and the 3D Mark 2001 (based on DirectX 8). The different MPEG-encoding benchmarks portray a comprehensive testing scenario; the Lame MP3 Encoder was used to encode a 178 MB WAV file into 'MPEG-1 Layer 3 Format'.

Still a classic, our MPEG-4 test converts a file from a commercial DVD-ROM into MPEG-4 format using Flask Mpeg and Divx. A new addition to our benchmark suite is using the 'Pinnacle Studio 7' video editing software to encode an MPEG-2 file within a project. Since the last comparison, we've gotten a new benchmark to determine rendering performance - Newtek's professional Lightwave package (version 7b).

OpenGL Performance: Quake 3 Arena