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Game Benchmarks: Game Multitasking And Power Consumption

We thought it would be nice to demonstrate how these CPUs handle multitasking, so we ran an AVG virus scan during the World in Conflict benchmark to compare the results with the standard results. Here's what happened:

Wow, there is a dramatic difference there. While the Athlon II X4 got the lowest score in the standard benchmark, once multitasking is involved it quickly takes the lead, as its average frame rate barely moves. The Phenom II X3 was hit a bit harder, and its performance was almost halved. Meanwhile, the dual-core CPUs were entirely crippled during the virus scan, going from an average of 40 frames per second (FPS) to under 10 FPS.

We also included some power-usage benchmarks. Note that we couldn't include the Phenom II X3 710 in this test because we simulated that processor for the performance benchmarks and the results wouldn't be valid:

It is interesting that the high clock speed and extra transistors used in the Phenom II X2 550's 6MB of cache don't affect the power levels much compared to the Athlon II X4 620. The dual-core Pentium E6500 remains the power-sipper of the bunch.