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Life At 2 GT/s: 6 GB DDR3-2000 Memory Kits Compared

Corsair Dominator GT

Corsair gets its own page for this round-up because the company sent accessories that call for addition photography. First up is the DDR3-2000 CAS 8 module and fan kit, which comes packed in nothing more than a plain white box.

Removable, red-painted aluminum cooling fins adorn aluminum-clad modules. We’re not certain that paint is the right way to go when it comes to cooling efficiency, but we'll let Corsair's production quality speak for itself in our upcoming benchmark tests.

Rated at tCAS-tRCD-tRP-tRAS of 8-8-8-24, Corsair makes configuration easier in most X58 motherboards by adding Intel XMP programming to the traditional SPD values. The previous problem of Intel rating its integrated Core i7 memory controller for a maximum of 1.65 volts at the DRAM bus has been addressed more recently by using memory chips that perform best at-or-near Intel’s stated limit.

There’s a good reason why Corsair’s cooling fins are removable. The company's Dominator GT thermoelectric cooler bolts in place of the memory’s original fins, and Corsair sent one for our evaluation.

A TEC module is sandwiched between a cold plate and water block. The controller can be set to full-power or automatic mode, where automatic mode prevents condensation by measuring temperature and humidity, determining dew point, and adjusting TEC power accordingly.

Thomas Soderstrom
Thomas Soderstrom is a Senior Staff Editor at Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews cases, cooling, memory and motherboards.