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DDR400 Kills Rambus: Shooting Star SiS 648 for P4

Top-Notch Functions: DDR400, AGP 8x And USB 2.0

Ports on the SiS 648 reference board.

Helpful for overclocking freaks: "reset" and "on" buttons integrated on the board.

Currently, SiS is able to provide modern features that you can't find with its competitors (Intel, VIA and Ali), not even on paper, and not even if you're willing to spend extra money. Although VIA had also sent us a board wit DDR400 support, there were problems during the test. Therefore, an important unique feature of the SiS 648 is its functioning DDR400 support. In the test, we used PC3200 memory modules with CL2.5 (Twinmos equipped with Winbond modules). The access time of the module is 5ns, meaning that, theoretically, a clock speed of up to 200 MHz is possible. Some brief information about AGP 8x: at the moment, only ATI and SiS offer such graphics chips. USB 2.0 is pretty self-explanatory - it has established itself as a standard and replaces the previous 1.1 specification.