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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Performance Analysis

Benchmark Results: DirectX 9, Low Detail

First, we’ll start with the DirectX 9 code path to see how lower-priced graphics cards handle Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We’re leaving shadows on the Normal setting, as this provides much better graphic fidelity than if they were turned off:

There’s a lot of good news here, as the game is very forgiving when it comes to graphics hardware. At 1280x720, all of the cards we tested are capable of at least 29 frames per second (FPS), minimum, except for the Radeon HD 6450. At 1680x1050 only the Radeon HD 5570 and GeForce GT are additionally left behind. At 1920x1080, the Radeon HD 6570, Radeon HD 5770, and GeForce GTX 550 Ti are still capable of minimum frame rates in excess of 30 FPS.