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Eye Candy: Stereo 3D Imaging

Stereo 3D Viewing Techniques

In principle, all stereo 3D techniques share a common approach: both artificially created views for the right and left eyes must direct the eyes through what's known as image separation.

If the quality of the artificial views is good, the brain reconstructs a three-dimensional image. The differences in the various techniques lie mainly in how image separation is achieved in practice.

3D Viewer

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Image separation throughmechanical design
3D content display onslides, photographs (paper)
ConComplicated to use

3D Anaglyph Glasses

Image separationColor filter, originallyRED-GREEN (extremely bad color display)later RED-BLUEtoday RED-CYAN (good to very good color display!)
3D content can be displayed onPAPERTFTs and hence notebooks,CRTs,projectors,plasmas
ProUnbeatable performance for money
ConNot suitable for people with color-blindness
Note2003 first movie "Spy Kids 3" released in the U.S.