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The Best For Freaks: 10 Motherboards using the BX-Chipset

MSI BX Master

Board Revision: A

BIOS Version: 5.2B3 (15. April 2000)

The BX master could be the Slot-1 brother of the Asus CUBX, as it also comes with six PCI and one ISA slot, an UltraDMA/66 controller chip and four DIMM sockets. The name "BX Master" is all but improper, thanks to various details. An integrated PC speaker makes the case speaker obsolete. Three fan headers are optimum to provide enough cooling possibilities and a second BIOS chip is present as backup, just in case. This board also features MSI's diagnostic system D-LED, which includes four LEDs on the board. According to the actual system status, distinct LEDs will light up. After a look at the included code table, you will be able to determine booting errors very quickly.

The manual is detailled and leaves no questions unanswered. Inside the package you will find an IDE cable, one ATA66 cable and a floppy cable, manual and of course a driver CD. Although there is a description of DIP switches on the PCB, you will only have to go to the BIOS (CPU Plug & Play III) in order to setup your processor. Here you can chose a multiplier and 25 system clock speeds between 66 and 155 MHz as well as the CPU voltage.

The BX Master proved to be an excellent motherboard with even more excellent features. This board using the two years old BX chipset is still faster and much better featured than most other motherboards on the market.