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The Best For Freaks: 10 Motherboards using the BX-Chipset

Gigabyte GA-6BX7+

Board Revision: 1.1

BIOS Version: F1 (March 29, 2000)

After the first look at the 6BX7+, you will realize that it has been fattened with features. The bluish PCB is also very characteristic for all Gigabyte boards. You can find an ATA66 controller chip from Promise (PDC20262) on board, yet there are stil six PCI slots available. One ISA slot will host an older expansion card, whilst the four DIMM sockets are ready for 1 GByte SDRAM. And an on-board speaker is also present.

The 6BX7+ comes with DualBIOS, featuring a second BIOS-EPROM, which will ensure a working system even if the BIOS update procedure may have failed. That's very useful in case you want to ensure having always a working system.

You have to do all CPU settings by DIP switches, which are well described and thus easy to use. The 6BX7+ comes with a Power LED and three fan headers. Using the jumpers JP3, you are given the option to rise the CPU voltage in five increments: 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50%. I would be very careful with more than 20% increase, as settings like 40% or 50% will easily burn your processor.

Stability and performance were on a very high level, while the design did not suffer from the good amount of features.