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The Influence of CPU on Voodoo 2 Performance

Quake II

I guess it's common knowledge that Quake II asks quite a bit of your system. High frame rates require fast CPUs, the CPU dependency is very high.

Ain't it shocking? Quake II in multi player mode (is there any other mode of importance really?) plus Voodoo² requires a CPU that's a LOT faster than a Pentium II 300 if you want to really take advantage of the Voodoo² power. However it's kind of cool to see that you can run Quake II at 1024x768 at almost the same frame rate as your friend with only one Voodoo² board runs it at 640x480.

Wow! Quake II runs at the same speed at all resolutions, the Voodoo² is waiting for the Pentium MMX 200 a lot of time, it might as well have a cigarette break. (yeah, I know you're an outlaw as smoker in the US)