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Nvidia Shield Android TV Console Review

Today we take a look at the latest addition to Nvidia's Shield line of gaming devices. No mobility here, this new Shield is for the living room!

Specs, Features And Availability

Based on mobile technology, Nvidia classifies Shield and the higher capacity Shield Pro as Android TV devices designed to bring experiences from the mobile, gaming and streaming worlds into a single device for the living room.


  • Supports 4K 30 fps and 60 fps content
  • Built-in microphones on Shield Controller or Remote enable Google-based natural voice search
  • Access to GRID, Nvidia’s subscription-based cloud gaming service
  • Supports Android Games, including Unreal Engine 4 and Crytek’s CryEngine
  • Cross-app search that scours content across multiple Android TV apps
  • Support for app-based entertainment, including Hulu Plus, Netflix, Sling TV, Pandora and others
  • Integrated Chromecast functionality, for casting content from mobile devices
  • Live Channels for watching local network TV
  • Over-the-air updates directly from Nvidia


All Shield products covered in this review are available now. The lower-end, 16GB Nvidia Shield will retail for $199, while the 500GB Nvidia Shield Pro will retail for $299 and will include Borderland: TPS. Additional accessories available include the Shield Stand for $29, the Shield Remote for $49, and additional Shield Controllers can be purchased for $59.