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Prometeia: Is this the best CPU cooling system around

Frozen Feet: -35°C For The Office, Continued

The fact is, many manufacturers are pushing their way into the market with complete systems that are equipped with more or less efficient water-cooling. It's quite clear that the focus of such water-cooling systems lies in the low noise level, which in turn makes for a better work environment, as long as the computer is meant for serious use.

This begs the question of how it is possible to achieve extreme overclocking with the latest processors. In any case, the two solutions that we just mentioned can be ruled out. Also, extreme overclocking only begins when the clock speed has been increased by 30%. For continuous and stable operation, the only thing that is suitable is a pressurized system with a compressor. This makes it possible to reach temperatures of around -35° C (no load) on the CPU element, so that a power dissipation of over 100 Watts does not pose a problem.

The Prometeia system consists of a powerful compressor cooling system with a maximum power of 200 Watts - at the moment, it is probably the most powerful CPU cooling system for x86 CPUs on the market. In this article, we'll show you, step-by-step, how to build an extremely overclocked PC, using an AMD platform as an example.

Like its competitors, Vapochill & Co., Chip-Con builds on a compressor from Danfoss. However, the manufacturer uses a model that is significantly more powerful, and thus achieves much lower cooling temperatures. As the saying goes - "more is more," and the user is pleased.

DDR400 memory (in CL2 mode) is clocked to a true 211 MHz.