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Sony and JVC Take Different Tacks in the High-End Camcorder Gamut

Photo Mode

We will not dwell at length on photo mode because it is not the reason for purchasing a semi-professional camcorder. Suffice it to say that the GR-PD1 shoots in both 1280x960 and 640x480 resolutions on an SD card. The DCR-VX2100 shoots in 640x480 on a Memory Stick. Although they use different resolutions, the JVC photos suffer from overexposure and the focus leaves a lot to be desired. As for the Sony, the photos simply cannot be recovered on a computer, since the camcorder lacks a USB socket (spot the deliberate mistake). So you need to use a memory card reader.

Top: A still taken with the DCR-VX2100 at 640x480, Bottom: A still taken at 1280x960 with the GR-PD1.