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Synology DS412+ And Thecus N4800: Two NAS Devices With Atom D2700

Synology DiskStation DS412+: A Familiar Sight

The Synology DiskStation DS412+ might look familiar to our regular readers. It’s basically the big brother of the Synology DiskStation DS212+ that we've already reviewed. It has four hot-swap-capable drive bays on the front, which are hidden behind a black plastic shroud. Next to the front cover are five status LEDs that convey information about drive activity and system status. A power button and USB 2.0 port are the only other features of an otherwise-clean front panel.

Air circulation is provided by two 92 mm cooling fans at the back of the case. A pair of LAN connectors, an eSATA interface, and two USB 3.0 ports are placed just below the fans. As with Synology's DiskStation DS212+, the DiskStation DS412+’s chassis is mostly made out of plastic. Synology went with a rough texture, which we didn’t particularly care for when we reviewed the DiskStation DS212+, and we still don’t like now. It makes the enclosure difficult to clean because dust tends to settle in and is hard to get out.

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As we've established, the DiskStation DS412+ has an Intel Atom D2700 processor inside. It also sports 1 GB of DDR3 memory. On the software side, Synology uses its own Linux-based NAS operating system called DiskStation Manager (DSM).