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Samsung Series 7 11.6" Slate: Breathing New Life Into Tablet PCs

Real-World Performance Against Tablets

Real-World Benchmarks

While Windows 7 is a much more feature-rich operating system than iOS or Android, the Series 7 Slate's powerful hardware is better-equipped to boot into it faster than any other contender in our charts.

Input lag on the Series 7 11.6" Slate clocks in is recorded at just under 200 ms, which is great for most people. However, our baseline measurement doesn't necessarily capture the lag you'd experience in the real world. The first letter appears on the screen shortly after you type, but it often takes over 250 ms before Windows is ready to accept the next letter. This delay occurs because, after you press a key, the "hit" indicator takes a while to disappear. The result we generate, then, is most relevant to single-action items like clicking on the Start menu or launching a program.