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Taking Linux On The Road With Ubuntu

Boot Time

Booting Ubuntu from the comparatively slow micro hard drive takes rather long. While an average computer requires between 20 and 60 seconds to boot into a desktop OS, Ubuntu took between four and five minutes.

BootOO Word ProcessorFirefox
Asus NCL-DSDual Xeon 3.6 GHz1024 MB RAM4:000:4515s
Gigabyte 8i955X-RoyalP4 6601024 MB RAM3:570:4716s
Averatec NotebookPentium M 1300 MHz512 MB RAM4:450:4819s

Installed Applications

Ubuntu Linux comes with applications to address the vast majority of computing tasks.

The software packages includes Firefox for browsing, mail and instant messaging clients and even a client for Bittorrent.