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Time Warner ISP Review & Reader Survey Results

Service & Support: 2 ½ Stars

It appears that Time Warner Cable drops the ball when its high-scoring reliability fails, with a very average 2 1/2 (2.56) out of five-star rating in the support category. While this isn't the worst support score in our ISP review, our readers are particularly critical when it comes to this subject, likely because it was voted the most important factor when choosing an ISP. Similarly to Comcast, our readers were generally not satisfied with their customer service experience.

"Customer service is terrible. I'm not sure they realize paying customers are why they have a business," said one reader, who rated support at just one star (with other categories at or above three stars). Another was more scathing in critiquing the company's support. "Time Warner has a flagrant disregard for their customers, and customer service with this company is as bad as any other poor service I have ever received." 

Other issues mentioned by our readers included poor response and remediation times, uncaring attitudes and a lack of expertise. "[TWC] customer service is terrible. It's hard getting anyone that knows what they're doing," said one such surveyed reader.

Even respondents who were satisfied with other aspects of Time Warner Cable's Internet service seemed to be disappointed with customer support. "I get pretty reliable service, but if you need technical support, good luck," said one reader who rated all categories except support above three stars.

The vote seemed to be split solidly down the middle, with just as many readers rating Time Warner Cable's support at three stars or higher. Satisfied readers noted friendly customer service, quick response and remediation, easy billing and relatively disruption-free service.

"Customer service is just amazing," said a satisfied reader. "TWC's customer service has been friendly," echoed another.

Overall, the scoreboard for Time Warner Cable's support reflects an average score in our survey, with no single ISP we've looked at breaching a three-star rating. Time Warner Cable isn't the best, but also isn't the worst according to our readers, who pinpointed many of the same negative factors other ISPs seem to suffer from when rating the company's support.

Derek Forrest
Derek Forrest is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He writes hardware news and reviews gaming desktops and laptops.