AMD Taunts Nvidia in new Ad: The Fixer

AMD has released a new video, an ad for its Radeon graphics cards. Although it is rather humorous, we're not entirely sure what to make of it.

AMD Radeon™ Graphics Presents: The Fixer

While the green card may be blurred out, there is no mistaking the fact that it is (was) an Nvidia card. All the vocal references also support this. In the end, AMD concludes by boasting about it's Never Settle bundle. Without a doubt, AMD is jabbing at Nvidia on multiple fronts. Below you'll find two of the previous videos:

"Be Invincible"

AMD Radeon™ Graphics Presents: The Collector

Let us know what you think of these videos in the comments below!

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  • MaxTesla
    The first one with the nvidia card wasn’t funny or good


    The second one which is animated was really good, a nice mix of Tron, Star Wars and Warhammer 40k :)

    The last one was bad until the very last line, now that was funny

    Summery : Nr 2 was really good and maybe they should make a whole movie about it, that was good stuff.
  • jrstriker12
    Thought the first one was sort of funny... but hold on, isn't AMD the one offering game bundles with their cards as an incentive?

    Second one had cool graphics toldme APUs have 4 cores but not impressed. Might have been impreessed if that was rendered in real time on an APU.

    3rd one...not funny.

    Wish AMD would hurry up a release some new high end CPUs and new GPU's instead of mocking Nvidia who's eating their lunch right now
  • computertech82
    Think AMD should worry more about nvidia having faster and cheaper cards then they do. Not good when "recommend video cards" list almost nothing but nvidia.