Ben Heck's Got an Atari 2600-esque Xbox 360

Atari recently asked mod-god Ben Heck to come up with a system to promote its new games.

"Since these games are on new systems, it made perfect sense to build a 1970s Atari-styled Xbox 360 portable," says Heck. "It's basically the most Ben Heck-type project we could possibly build."

To build the machine, Ben gutted an Xbox 360 Slim and stuffed it inside a custom-made Atari 2600-style case. For the display he used a 20-inch ASUS VE208T widescreen LED monitor, which, again, got torn asunder before being incorporated into that specially-made case. Heck also had to manually extend several of the cables, including the cable leading to the ring of light, so that he could better place some of the components in the new case.

For the true Atari fans, Ben managed to work it so that his new design uses old Atari 2600 switches for things like ejecting the disc and synchronizing the controllers.

If you've never seen a Ben Heck mod project from start to finish, this one is an excellent introduction to how he does things, so be sure and check out the most recent episode of his show over on Element14.

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