BBC Debuts Own Version of Microsoft's IllumiRoom

On Monday, during the Association for Computing Machinery’s 31st Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI), Microsoft introduced IllumiRoom, a means of expanding visuals beyond the physical limits of a screen by taking advantage of surfaces in the surrounding area. According to Microsoft, this is accomplished by integrating a Kinect sensor with an off-the-shelf InFocus IN126ST projector to extend the field of view. Illumiroom may or may not be ready for the Xbox 720, but it's definitely an interesting idea. Still, it seems Microsoft isn't the only one working on such a concept.


The BBC reports that its own R&D department, BBC Research & Development, is also working on an implementation of immersive video. The technology, which the BBC has been working on for the last seven years, uses the BBC's own room calibration software and a reverse projection technique that works with standard projectors.


Set for unveiling at the British Film Institute on Sunday, as part of the Sci-Fi London Festival, the BBC didn't offer details on where it plans to take the technology next. To see it in action, check out this video over on the BBC.

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  • It look a little washed out to me.. Would a moderator please ban the people posting stupid spam jobs..
  • After watching the demo videos for the Microsoft project, I'm convinced that this technology could really be amazing. I'm looking forward to it!
  • Hey, this looks like an interesting way to increase the immersion of your home theater. Here is hoping that they are released at a reasonable price and as standalone projectors so we do not need to upgrade the entire TV.