Google May Be Developing Hi-Res Chromebook In-House

Android Authority has acquired a video originally posted on Google Plus that showcases a supposed new Chromebook design currently in the works. Called the Chromebook Pixel or Google Link, the unconfirmed device packs a full touchscreen display with a 2560 x 1700 resolution. Google is reportedly testing the new design now, so don't expect a product release any time soon.

The clip was posted on Google Plus by developer Francois Beaufort, but was taken down shortly thereafter. The description said that it was designed by Google "down to the last pixel", indicating that this Chromebook may have been created in-house. If anything, it's likely a collaboration with one of its Chrome OS or Android OEMs to create a first-party Google Experience device.

Android Authority, which grabbed the video before it was pulled from Google Plus, points out that the clip was made by a company called This company's CEO, Victor Koch, jumped on Google Plus and said that hackers broke into the servers, stole videos of projects was working on, and threw them up on YouTube. Sure they did, pal.

Last week rumors surfaced that Google was working on a "Nexus" Chromebook, following in the footsteps of Apple and Intel and their quest for a "light and thin" form factor. Like its current Nexus products, Google was believed to be collaborating with one of its partners to produce a Nexus-branded (or Pixel-branded?) laptop with Chrome OS.

The China Commercial Times said last week that Google placed hardware orders with Taiwanese manufacturers Compal Electronics and Wintek to produce a Chromebook with a 12.85-inch touch display. Somehow this turned into a rumor that Google may actually merge Android and Chrome OS even though Chrome OS is basically the Chrome browser on a Linux foundation.

However the only thing missing from this current equation is that Chrome for Android currently doesn't support Web Apps which is the whole point of Chrome OS. Yet Google has always hinted that both would eventually become one, so maybe the time has come with the launch of this new Nexus/Pixel Chromebook. Even more, maybe this is a sign that Chrome for Android will support apps from the Chrome Web Store in the near future.

Looks like Google I/O 2013 will be rather busy come this June.

New ChromeBook Pixel - Next Generation Concept

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  • sacre

    When Apple released that whole "Retina display" I actually found that to be amazing. Having that insanely high resolution on a display makes a hell of a difference. No need for Antialiasing.

    Calm down fanboys im not saying Apple invented this. Im just saying its an awesome feature and I think thats where we should be heading (faster).

    Super high resolutions on monitors... mmmmm... the detail...color... mmm
  • theclash150
    2560 x 1700 is quite the interesting screen resolution.
  • plznote