Intel Investigating Case of Counterfeit Core i7s

Over the weekend it emerged that several people who had purchased Core i7 processors had instead received fake chips in the mail. Newegg was said to have received 300 fake Core i7s in a shipment of 2,000 chips from D&H Distribution. Hot Hardware cites Newegg as saying the fakes were actually demo units from Intel but images and video (below) supplied by customers who received the "CPUs" are spreading doubt.

Intel has said it is investigating the reports but so far, the company has yet to confirm whether or not Newegg's "demo unit" story is legitimate.


"...our security/tech support guys have a few incidents on this today they are investigating. Stay tuned!"

After posting numerous images of "Core i7" to the forums, user Dreadlok posted the video below on YouTube.

UPDATE: Newegg has said D&H distributing is not the supplier who shipped the units, rather it was a company called IPEX. Newegg has terminated its relationship with IPEX. Read more about it here.


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  • tipoo
    It would appear that...
    *Puts on sunglasses*
    We are getting to the CORE of the problem.
  • restatement3dofted
    touchdowntexas13You must be under the false pretense that two wrongs make a right

    You must be under the false pretense that sending him an i7-965 to fix their mistake is a "wrong."
  • jonpaul37
    nforce4maxThis is why I stopped buying retail because of crap like this learned the hard way from Bestbuy.

    Seriously dude? Best Buy & Newegg should not even be in the same sentence, Best Buy is a joke, Newegg is a legit company that treats their customers well. Get a clue before you go comparing Newegg to Best Buy...
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  • Anonymous
    can the fake processor run crysis?
  • Shadow703793
    Good job Intel and Newegg for handling this situation quite well.
  • judeh101
    I wish Dreadlock all the best. Hope he receives a genuine processor this time :)