Dell Netbook Roadmap Leaked

With everyone rushing to release as many netbooks as possible while they’re still selling like hot cakes, it’s not suprising to see Dell’s “leaked” netbook roadmap which includes some rather nice things to look forward to.

For those in the market for a Dell Mini 10, the current model is set to receive a few more options (this month it seems?), including Vista, a 3G modem, and a 1.86 GHz Atom with a new 1.6 GHz Atom N270 SKU arriving in May. Engadget reports that everything will be updated again in the second half of the year with Intel's Pine Trail processors.

The 10 aside, the most exciting piece of news let slip in the slides (if netbook news can still be classed as exciting) is the revelation that a Dell Mini 11 will be coming our way before the end of the year. While we’re all for netbooks that break the mold and offer customers something that they’d be hard pressed to find from another supplier, this one brings us right back round to the question of how big can it get while still being classed as a netbook?

Some of us are of the opinion that an 11 inch netbook is the perfect size. Just far enough away from the trinket-like smaller netbooks but still compact enough to cart around on planes and trains. What do you guys make of this? Where’s the line between netbook and low-cost notebook?

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  • Everything seems to be "leaked". And yes, I think an 11" netbook is perfect size. 9" is much too small and 14.4" is starting to get too bulky for portability. I just need to find a great 11" netbook and I'll be happy.
  • 11'' would be ok but with 4:3 ratio, not 16:10 which is pure stupid in all kind of notebooks
  • 11'' would be ok but with 4:3 ratio, not 16:10 which is pure stupid in all kind of notebooks